My personal relative outdated an Australian Samoan whenever she examined abroad, any experiences with Polynesian people? (samoan, tongan, etc.)

My personal relative outdated an Australian Samoan whenever she examined abroad, any experiences with Polynesian people? (samoan, tongan, etc.)


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  • My personal cousin dated an Australian Samoan when she examined abroad. She introduced him at one of our parents events.

    He had been adorable. Long curly hair and huge butt arms. Perhaps not tall, but stocky.

    The guy truthfully reminded myself of a buddy. , just a bit a lot more silent and set aside.

    Absolutely nothing about our family had been a surprise to him. Maybe not the meals and/or language.


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  • Great boys Kind tattoos

    Usually stocky build will originate from most Christian people distinction between those elevated regarding islands plus in us/Australia/nz


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  • We search blasian, but I’m not really i recently extremely high amount of Mongoliod local American in me personally and I also have actually lightskin. Extremely thicker long frizzy hair. I am around Samoans and Tongans honestly a lot of need mistaken myself for starters ones.

    Pacific islanders are particularly prideful and homogeneous. They only fancy and want their own sorts. I experienced numerous Samoan men pursue me , but they respond various different or even in denial when I let them know i am truly black. They would somewhat demand to say I became combined race .

    They bring annoyed because I kinda remind them that they’re nearer to blacks in appearance than they don’t really wish to be.

    Also Samoans, Naruvians, Tongans most become fat asf.


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  • Rather longer article alarm:

    From the on 90 time fiance there was clearly one or two Kalani and Asuelo (sp?). Asuelo was from Samoa and Kalani is half Samoan half-white. The lady father was actually a self hating Samoan in which he would not desire the woman with one, the guy desired the Samoan blood generally washed out.

    Asuelo did not put shoes, broke coconuts for a living and didn’t have wall space inside the residence. He was not to civilized or perhaps by United states guidelines and the families hated your with no explanation anyway aside from the fact he was Samoan. He was merely like 22 and ended up being like 30 she ended up being therefore freaking mean to him it had been difficult observe.

    Thats my personal only knowledge about Polynesians LMFAO. But they are very good to me omg. These are the just guys Id big date outside of Ebony (Ebony Us citizens, Africans, Caribbeans, etc. I enjoy em all lmao). You will find practically no Polynesians where we reside, where create I need to bring a hoe day at pick these okay ass males females?

    I’ve browse various other threads and they’re like 2 content long and I discovered nothing. Include escort girls in Philadelphia their ds larger?


    • Mar 24, 2021
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  • Significantly very long post alarm:

    I remember on 90 time fiance there was clearly two Kalani and Asuelo (sp?). Asuelo ended up being from Samoa and Kalani is half Samoan half white. The woman father is a self hating Samoan in which he wouldn’t wish the woman with one, he wished the Samoan bloodstream fundamentally washed-out.

    Asuelo failed to use footwear, smashed coconuts for a full time income and didn’t have structure in the residence. He had been not very civilized or at least by American guidelines as well as the family members hated him for no factor after all besides the truth that he was Samoan. He was best like 22 and had been like 30 she got thus freaking mean to your it had been difficult to view.

    Thats my sole knowledge about Polynesians LMFAO. However they are thus okay if you ask me omg. These are the only boys Id time away from dark (Ebony People in america, Africans, Caribbeans, etc. Everyone loves em all lmao). You will find virtually no Polynesians where we live, where do i have to need a hoe visit to find these great butt males females?

    You will find see more posts plus they are like 2 content very long and I read nothing. Become their particular ds large?

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